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How to plan your visit

  • Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by a medical assistant who will create your file. Please, remember to bring your identity card, as it is required. The personal data you have provided will be added to our records and will only be used for the purposes of your medical file.

  • Preliminary tests will be performed by qualified professionals before your consultation with the ophthalmologist.

  • Please, bring your most current pair of eyeglasses and/or the prescription of your contact lenses (brand, power, radius of curvature, contact lens solution).

  • If your are referred by your diabetologist or your general practitioner for an examination of the fundus with dilation of the pupil related to your diabetes, please allow 45 minutes for your appointment and arrange to be accompanied by a driver (the eye drops dilate the pupils and your vision will be blurred).

  • For your convenience, the waiting room has Wi-Fi.

  • The Messidor Eye Center is equipped with a payment terminal. That type of payment is preferred for security reasons. The physicians of the Messidor Eye Center are “non-conventioned” and free to set their own prices.


Call the Messidor Eye Center immediately at 02 318 12 12. You will be given a priority appointment with an ophthalmologist if you are experiencing
  • A severe eye trauma
  • A foreign body in the eye
  • A recent, sudden, and persistent visual loss
  • A red and painful eye
  • A recent and persistent double vision
In case of an emergency outside of the opening hours of the Messidor Eye Center, contact the closest hospital’s emergency room.